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Book Club Reviews: The Lost Identity Casualties

Hey tea friends, hey tea friends, hey! Guess what time it is? Teatime of course! Today I’m serving up a hot review of the book The Lost Identify Casualties by Kim Ekemar. As. you all know, I’m a part of the Onlinebookclub community and they published my review. This book is on fire! Could you imagine waking up and not remembering who you are? How about having bandages on your face and hands with no explanation? There was so many question left in my mind after reading this disturbing tale. It really is a must-read no one should pass up! Your love and support of every review is appreciated . Just click the link here then read my review, comment, and share on your social media pages. Oh, and speaking of social media let’s link up, add me on Instagram and Twitter my links are below.

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Review Of Creepin’ Around 3: A VA Love Story (The Finale )

Hey tea friends, hey tea friends, hey! Guess what time it is? Teatime of course!  Which means I’m about to serve you up another hot review. Before I get into it, I want to mention that I noticed you all seemed to prefer shorter book reviews. So, I will try to get my point across in fewer words. Today I will be reviewing Creepin’ Around 3: A VA Love Story by Tabeitha Pollard. I was in my feelings because this is the final part of this series. But this book made my heart race from beginning to end. NO JOKE! Disclaimer: My review may contain a spoiler or two. So now, what you’re going to do is scroll to the bottom of this page, click the links, buy all three books, then read them before you sip this hot tea.

This part starts with Magic in labor with her baby girl. If you recall, as Tiana was watching the news report of Prophet’s death, Magic water broke. But this labor is everything but smooth.  It becomes a near-death experience. What I found funny is Tiana was the most scared of losing Magic after they hated each other. The situation made Magic want to get to the root of her parents’ colorism issues. But after a talk with her mother, more serious issues are revealed. My mouth dropped open and I’m wondering about her mom’s sanity. On another note, when she told sister, Miracle, she joined in disowning them because she and her husband would be adopting a daughter. The little girl looks like them, but her husband’s nervous laughter has me giving him a hard side-eye.

Dreaux is doing all he can to get Tiana back after he was caught cheating with loose box Tai. Tiana, who is pregnant, dealing with his psycho mother and suffering from trust issues, isn’t having it. That’s why Dreaux is bae though. He is driven and will not give up! It’s the same drive that gets him caught up in messy situations. Unfortunately, having a love-struck stalker mother and cousin on the loose doesn’t put him in the best position. But I think he learned his lesson when trying to help one of them is almost fatal.

This brings me to Shayla! She’s the cousin of Dreaux’s birth giver, Seine .and Fabian’s ex-girlfriend. I honestly felt sorry for her because Seine was her downfall. She convinced Shayla that Fabian’s rival, Cascade, was trying to kill her for stealing his money. Shayla steals money from Fabian to pay Seine’s debt, sleeps with Cascade, get pregnant, and disappears for five years. When in fact Seine’s story was a lie. But she allows Seine to get to her again by convincing her to stop hiding and try to get back with Fabian. But the plan to use Chrystianna to get to him fell through. So, she resulted in telling Fabian he was the father of her daughter Harmony. Shayla didn’t count on them embracing Harmony and her making them closer as a family. In true Shayla fashion, she runs giving Harmony to Fabian completely. Her lie also causes the old rival between Fabian and Cascade to return and it starts a major war no one expects.       

What’s Tea?                     

I honestly think this part is the best of the series. It was intense from start to finish and almost flawlessly written. Tabeitha went out of her way to make this final part perfect! The only thing that annoyed me was Chrystianna’s whining. I think her IUD failed and she’s pregnant! But other than her being a baby, I loved it and gave it four out of four stars. This book left too many questions behind. So, I do believe there will be a spinoff or something. If you liked the drama of this series get prepared for some more. I wouldn’t mind a story about Tiana and Dreaux’s co-parenting drama. That would be juicy! In closing, this review is my opinion, buy the book, read it, then form your own.

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Author: Tabeitha Pollard

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Formats: Kindle, Paperback

Genres: Fiction, Urban, Series

Others Books In This Series: Part 1 and Part 2

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Book Club Reviews: Cynthia And Dan Cyber War

Hey friend! Guess what time it is? Tea time! Today I’m serving you a double shot of tea. As I have shared before, I’m a part of the Onlinebookclub community. They published my review of Cynthia and Dan Cyber War by Dorothy May Mercer. You all seen my blog review on this book but this one is different. Book club reviews are shorter and spoiler free for those who haven’t read the book yet. It is rare that I’ll do two reviews on one book I just wanted to showcase the difference. Your support of this one is greatly appreciated! Click the link below , comment, then share on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you so much!


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New Release: Something About The Hood In Her 2

Hey friends! Guess what time it is? Tea time! The tea for today is Something About The Hood In Her 2 by Nikki Brown was released on 7/25/19 . I am a little disappointed that part 2 is the final part of this spin off series. But sometimes the best things are short and sweet. I gave you the tea on part 1 and will not leave part 2 out. There are so many questions that we need answers too. Is little SJ alive? Will Porsha die in the middle or the end of the book? l can’t lie I’m scared of the answers. But I must drop this hot book tea on you! So click the link below to get your copy and you’ll be all caught up when I do

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New Release: Creepin’ Around 3 A VA Love Story

Hey friends! Guess what time it is? It’s tea time! The tea for today is the final part Creepin’ Around 3: A VA Love Story by Tabeitha Pollard was release on 7/1/19. I was a little late getting my copy because I always have my head in a book. But you know we have been reading since part one and the finale will be no different. I do have a few reviews before I get into this ending that will be filled with the drama I love! A part of me is glad I can’t read this right away because I don’t want it to end. So, I do need a minute to get out of my feelings. But this gives you time to get your copy and read before I give you this hot book tea.

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Review Of Something About The Hood In Her

Hey Friends! Guess what time it is? Tea Time!!! Which means I’m about to serve you up a book review of Something About The Hood In Her by Nikki Brown. Now, this review has two disclaimers. The first one is my review may contain a spoiler or two. The second one is this book is a spinoff of He Brings Out The Hood In Me, and if you haven’t read the series you won’t be able to follow some things in this review. So now, what you going to do is scroll to the bottom of this page, click the links, buy this book and the series before, then read them before you sip this hot tea.

This book starts with not only the shit hitting the fan, but all hell broke loose too! I’m not exaggerating because in the last series we saw how Vincent “Vinny” Delaney likes to keep Camila close. We also learned that he took his mother’s death hard. He feels if he pours his heart out to a woman, she will leave him. So yes, he is a fuckboy, but he loves her and wants her to wait until he gets his shit together. But no woman who knows her worth is going to settle for that. Vinny is young, dumb, and crazy. At the same, Cami knew this when he started fucking with him and ignored her twin brother, Seth also known as Spiff’s, warnings. However, after it is possible Jayla, Cassidy’s ex fuck buddy, is pregnant by Vincent she is now at her breaking point.

I did mention that Vinny is crazy and getting rid of him is easier said than done. That’s why at Spiff and Cami’s club opening he almost shot up the place when she simply danced with another man. Vinny is spiff’s right-hand man working for the Maler family, so he knew how far his temper would go. He had no choice but to have her dance partner escorted out of the club. This. had Camila heated. Seth quickly let her know that she made this bed, and these are the consequence. At that point, she tries to convince Vinny that they need to part ways but he’s not trying to hear that shit.

Porsha, Spiff’s coke addicted, deadbeat baby mama, enters the club on some messy shit. She decided to let Jayla tag along just to piss Cami off. Camila works for the Maler family too, and she’s a bad bitch with a gun. The first time Jayla got slick with her mouth Cami put the heat to her temple. Key, Vinny’s sister, was also hot on Jayla’s ass for always trying to throw the pussy at Cassidy. Porsha smart mouth got the gun turned on her too. The only one that could calm Cami down at that moment was Vincent and she hated it. I hated it too! Fuckboys have too much power already. But Camila knows she was wrong for getting that good D from Vincent then cutting him off. She should have known that’d never work. However, ladies, you know sometimes you need just one last stroke. Haha!

Spiff read my mind when he finally realized Porsha was not at home with their son. I didn’t think anything was wrong with Seth Jr. being at Porsha’s family’s house at first. But when Spiff arrives and they had that poor child on a pile of dirty clothes, no diaper, and left him in pee stained clothes I was done with her family. NO, MA’AM! Then they believe Spiff is their meal ticket and drug hook up. That and Porsha’s self-centered attitude was the end of their relationship. At first, I didn’t like that he took the child from Porsha, but Seth told her to go pick him up. She just refused to. Then it was almost a month before she wanted to see her son. She was too busy looking for her next bag and fucking spiff’s ex-best friend, Bear. Porsha has Bear, jealous ass, stealing products from the Maler family to finance her lifestyle. It’s safe to say they won’t be in this story for long if you know what I mean.

Porsha ways as a mother are the whole reason Seth needed Magic and got to get to know her. He needed a babysitter and Adoree suggested Magic, who is also Icelynn’s friend from the strip club. Now that she’s not working there, she needs the money to finish nursing school. That’s what I like about her, she is proof that not every stripper is a hoe. The girl is actually a virgin! She just wants to make a better life for her and her sister. I like her for spiff she’s a way better role model than Porsha.

Can we take a moment to talk about Adoree, also known as A.D? Now if you read, He Brings Out The Hood In Me series, you already know he’s bae. But his growth really shows in this spin-off. He is dropping wisdom on Spiff and Vinny dumb ass. Adoree’s first son is also born and his overall transition just makes him even sexier!

Okay, I had to get that out of my system before I talk about Skylar shady ass. Cami meets him in the mall while beating Porsha down for how her family left S.J. Cami don’t play! The funny part is Jayla was there and didn’t even help her. A gun to the temple taught her well. But anyway, before he even gets a date with Cami, he is doing suspect activities. He fucked with Jayla, brought Bear’s stolen drugs, and lied to Cami about having a kid.  He doesn’t fear the Maler crew either, so they could have an enemy on their hands.

After being hardheaded this whole book, Vinny finally comes to his senses. He even ignored Siya’s, mama Maler, advice. THAT’S A NO NO VINCENT! I am glad he came to his senses, but it may be too late. Vinny being his normal irrational self, came into Cami’s space at the wrong time. She was not only on a date with Skylar but just at her breaking point with Vincent’s antics. So, when he decided to kick Skylar’s ass while in the middle of pouring his heart out to her, Cami took it as another game he was playing. She pulled out her gun and turned it on him to his surprise and mines. Of course, she didn’t shoot him, but he felt betrayed vowing to leave her alone for good. This is a lie and he knows it! But we’ll have to wait for part two to see what comes next

So, What’s Tea?

Nikki Brown is a badass writer! I mean that with every ounce of love. This book hit me straight in the heart. I felt every emotion along with the characters. It did take me a minute to get into the story because I couldn’t rock with a mom being kept from her child. But as things built up, I became team Spiff. It was nice to see the Maler gang back with a BANG! Especially, Khalil’s crazy antics. Whenever all the characters are together cracking jokes, I’m laughing along with them. It was nice to get little updates on the old crew. I was a little disappointed Piper wasn’t in this one, but where would he fit now? She’s just that character I love to hate. In the next part, I hope to see Spiff taking legal action to get his son. He has all the Maler’s support to do so. A little more on Cassidy and Key would be nice too. Overall, I give the book five out of five teacups because it is just too juicy. I didn’t think the last series could be topped but part one of the spinoff blew me away! This is my opinion buy the books, read them, and form your own.

Something About The Hood In Her Part 1 Here

He Brings Out The Hood In Me Part 1 Here

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Happy Birthday To Me! New Release: Snatched Up by A BadBoy

Hey friends! Guess what time it is? Tea Time! The tea today is it’s my birthday! *Sings* Happy birthday to me. Another thing is Snatched Up By A Bad Boy by Prenisha Aja’ was released late last night 6/23/19. It was suppose to be release today so I brought it as a gift to myself. I love Prenisha’s work and I have to support a fellow Texan, like myself. I read her whole last series “Hooked on His Thuggish Ways”. It was so lit that I’m waiting on her to drop a spin off for it! But this will hold me until then because everything she writes is fire. I probably won’t be able to review it until sometime next month. So you have plenty of time to read before I drop the tea on this one.

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Review Of Creepin’ Around 2: A VA Love Story

Hey Friends! Guess what time it is? Tea Time!!! Which means I’m about to serve you up a book review of Creepin’ Around 2: A VA Love Story by Tabeitha Pollard. Now the disclaimer is my review may contain a spoiler or two. So, what you going to do is scroll to the bottom of this page, click the links, buy both books: parts one and two, and read them before you sip this hot tea.

All I’m going to say is make sure you are prepared because part two starts with the shit hitting the fan. Sariah, Mykel’s girlfriend, and Tiana are picking Chrystianna’s ass up off the floor after she fainted from Prophet’s call. She never thought he would find out she is living with Fabian. As a battered woman, her first reaction is to run but Sariah quickly reminds her who Fabian is. After realizing she is right, Chrystianna calls and warn Magic then invites her over to her house. Sariah spoke to my spirit when she asked: Why are you calling that bitch? Chrystianna is like look I know did me dirty, but she has this illness. It’s time to forgive and get on the same page. I felt like she was talking to me too because ya’ll know Magic was still just a hoe to me. So, in my mind I’m thinking okay Chrystianna I will give your friend a chance. DAMN!! I even got teary when the ladies had a mini gender reveal with Magic.

After forty-eight hours Fabian, Dreaux, and Mykel return from “work”. But let’s keep it real, when you’re dealing with a dopeboy “work” has another meaning. They put Quan and Jock ass to sleep then feed them to Maxie, their pet pig. Chrystianna lets Fabian know that Prophet bitch made ass pulled up to their spot. Of course, she had to get some of that soul snatching D first though (ya’ll know I had to bring up their very lit shower sex scene). But telling Fabian pretty much sealed Prophet’s fate. Just in case you need more proof, when Magic told Lukas he said, “He’s dead”. We all know from reading part one Lukas has a few sane screws missing and what he says will be done.

They didn’t even have to hunt Prophet down. His stupid ass fell right in the trap when he tries to buy drugs from Mykel. He needed a fix bad and his temper got him right where Fabian wanted him. I expected Prophet to cause more damage before his life ended but the effects of drug addiction can have you slipping.

Now back to Magic and Lukas, it can’t be denied that they are so cute together. They are two lost souls that build each other up. Lukas told Magic straight up, fuck everybody that has something to say or think you’re not good enough, including your parents. Magic parent’s colorism issues are the root of her problems. Colorism, if you didn’t know, is discriminating against your ethnicity, typically those that are darker skin. Magic is darker than her sister, Miracle, so her parents make her feel that she isn’t good enough. The minute I got to the part where her mother wouldn’t meet her at Outback Steakhouse, I was like GIRL BYE! TEAM MAGIC! Even Tiana could see that Magic has changed. The two are the best of friends now!

Chrystianna is still skeptical, which she has the right to be, Magic slept with her baby daddy and have kids with him. So, although she welcomed her into her home, she still got Tiana watching her ass. Well, Tiana was watching her until Dreaux wanted to head home and snatch her soul with the D. She was standing strong until the dude started whispering creole in her ear. Shit, she did better than me because Dreaux is one of my book baes. But make sure ya’ll check out the chapter of Tiana driving them home it is hilarious.

After they get home and Tiana hooks Dreaux up with some fire head, they get an unexpected visitor. Seine, Dreaux’s dead beat mama, and she does cause more than a little bit of hell through the book. Lukas may be crazy, but this bitch is looney toons. She has been stalking Fabian and Dreaux’s dad for thirty years! Who happens to be happily married to Fabian’s mom, Cree. She may not be able to influence his dad, but her influence over Dreaux and his fear of Tiana’s pregnancy sends them down a bad road. So sad! Not to mention, Tiana can’t stand this lady! I couldn’t believe Dreaux was on some fuckboy shit with a loose thot! But Tabeitha did warn us that not all the characters will have a happy ending. So, I’m about to be all in my feelings. Oh, and you’ll never guess who Seine’s partner in crime is. I won’t give it away but both Fabian’s ex and Dreaux’s baby mama are named Shayla. Ponder on that for a minute!

Side Note: Can we take a moment to admire Heather? She’s is the DuPont’s family friend and personal shopper. I love how she is a lesbian and owns who she is as bold as ever. With this being the start of Pride. I know she will inspire a lot of readers

What’s The Tea?

The truth is I love part 2! I don’t know if it’s because I read the first part. But what I do know is any book that makes those reading feel real emotions is fire. I am really on the edge of my seat waiting for the next part. I have so many questions! What happened to Prophet’s boy toy? What is Dreaux going to do about his crazy mother? It wasn’t perfectly written, but the twist in the storyline override that. I’m connected to these characters and want more books with them. This story also brings awareness to issues like domestic violence and HIV. This one gets five out of five teacups from me. This is my opinion. Buy the books, read them, and form your own!

Get your copies of both books: Part1 and Part2

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Review Of Cynthia And Dan Cyber War

Hey Friends! Guess what time it is? Tea Time!!! Which means I’m about to serve you up a book review of Cynthia and Dan: Cyber War by Dorothy May Mercer. Now the disclaimer is my review may contain a spoiler or two. So, what you going to do is scroll to the bottom of this page, click the link, buy the book, and read it before you sip this hot tea.

Based on the title alone, I thought Cynthia and Dan was some type of cyber criminals working together as a couple or some shit. But that was not the case, Cynthia Patterson is an undercover chief of security, investigator, and the bodyguard for Senator Mike McBride. Her brother Glenn, a high-tech private investigator, has his own company called Fairfax. They plan to use their expertise to create a cyber war to take down ISIS terrorist groups. However, they will need someone good with computers. That’s when they get Tim Dupre, a government intern, to help. But we’ll talk more about him later.

We start to get into Cynthia’s life a little more and learn she has a good friendship with her boss. Everything is perfect except for her relationship with her boyfriend, Dan. There just isn’t any passion between them anymore, in and out of the bedroom.  She just settles because they have been dating for years

That quickly changes when the city is shut down due to a threat at the White House. Cynthia finds herself stuck with the very handsome Sky Eastman. The two make the most of their time together and she quickly realizes he is no Dan. Their chemistry is off the charts and soon Cynthia forgets Dan. They end up at Sky’s place where they eventually sleep together. I guess it’s not always the man cheating.

Afterward, Sky is the perfect gentleman he makes sure to drive her home, makes coffee, and calls to check on her in the morning. He had me like DAMN SKY!! He was putting in work for a woman he’d just met. But soon it was time for Cynthia to get off the cloud and face the music. Dan wanted to know where she was all night. He was not buying that “stuck in the city traffic” shit she was selling. The streets were shut down, so it could have been a good excuse, but Dan broke up with Cynthia anyway.

 Sky is of course there to pick up the pieces. As well as to address an issue Cynthia and himself have. He wasn’t strapped up during their sex session, so he came through with pregnancy tests, plan B, condoms, and an abortion medicine (He left it up to her to use the abortion medicine or not). I thought that was responsible. She did pop the plan B though. I found it funny he wasn’t worried about STD’s. But their one-night stand didn’t sit well with him and he went to church to confess his sins.

Cynthia, on the other hand, deals with everything by jumping in to work. Her first thing is tracking down Tim Dupre to help with her cyberwar. He was skeptical at first, but after seeing Glenn’s high-tech gadgets the nerd broke. Tim even brings his best friend Garth Tatum to help because two brains are better than one. They do a great job taking down terrorist threats.

On the other side of things, Dan is not taking the breakup well. The funny thing is the breakup was his idea. He tried approaching another woman, but it doesn’t go his way. He also attempted to get back with Cynthia only to be placed in the friend’s zone. This results in some very creepy, stalker behavior.

Cynthia and Sky start to develop a blossoming relationship until Cynthia’s cyberwar starts to cause her to have terrorist thoughts about his identity. I didn’t blame her at first, she couldn’t find any information on the man. Then after a while, it’s like girl, give it up already! He is not a terrorist. But when his real identity is revealed, it is the shocker of the whole book!

What The Tea?

Honestly, I loved that the author touched on a few women’s issues. We, as readers, get to see Cynthia go through quite a bit. I also liked the romantic part of the storyline and the ending. Overall, I think you all should still read it, but for me, this book was just OKAY! I thought there should have been more added about Dan and Cynthia’s relationship for those reading about them for the first time. It’s kind of pointless to put his name in the title. Sky’s character comes off as needy sometimes and some of his methods for the possible pregnancy are extreme. I also think the story would have been better without the in-depth details of the cyber war. The details about Cynthia’s car was unnecessary too.

The writing could be better as well. The way some of the chapters were sectioned annoyed me because it wasn’t constant. There were some typos and misspellings. The big “Rated R” disclaimer before the sex scene was a bit childish to me. We are adults if you can talk about condoms and pregnancy tests, then the actual scene didn’t require a warning. Then the sex scene wasn’t all that! I thought the description would be mind-blowing since it had a disclaimer. This is just my opinion. I encourage you to read it and form your own, but it only gets two out of five teacups from me.

Get Your Copy Of Cynthia and Dan Cyber War Here.

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New Release: Something About the Hood In Her

Hey Friends! Guess what time it is? Tea Time!! The tea is that Something About the Hood In Her by Nikki Brown was released on 6/17/19. Let’s just say I’m a big ole fan of Nikki’s and this hotness is the first part of the spin off to He Brings Out The Hood In Me! I read all 4 parts so I’m so excited about this release! I’m already reading and my review will hit soon. I just have two other reviews to share with you first. So go pick up your copy here and you’ll be all set when I drop the tea on this one!